Christmastime is HERE!

We’ve been busier than ever. And I mean that. I am pleased as punch to report that we’re staying plenty busy during the holiday season and we have you, our customers to thank.


We’ve had wives, girlfriends and significant others calling to place orders and purchase gift cards for the magicians in their families, and we encourage you to get your shopping done early so that we can ship your packages out in time for Christmas.

12 Days of Deals

We’ve been running some great deals as part of our 12 Days of Deals this week. There are some fantastic bargains to be had, but they’re only available for 24 hours beginning at 10am daily and terminating the following day at 9:59am. Be sure to take advantage of some of these wonderful deals. Watch you in-box for these short-lived deals. Or, just click on the image below to be taken directly to that category now.


A Visit From The Dancing Gauchos

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Tim’s been working as one of the ringmasters in the Circus of Light at the Global Winter Wonderland taking place in Tulare. It’s a spectacular holiday festival and multi-cultural celebration featuring illuminated landscapes from around the world including the Eiffel Tower, Kremlin and other iconic internationally-famous landmarks.

One of the four acts featured in the Global Winter Wonderland’s Circus of Light is the Dancing Gauchos, an internationally-acclaimed act who been trodding the boards for over 30 years appearing with everyone from Senor Rai & Peter Pit to Jeff McBride & Kalin & Jinger.

Backstage before a performance; Tim Mannix with the Dancing Gauchos, Sergio & Martha Martinez.

Backstage before a performance; Tim Mannix with the Dancing Gauchos, Sergio & Martha Martinez.

Tim’s newfound co-workers are Sergio & Martha Martinez (The Dancing Gauchos) and they paid us a visit this week to have a custom-made prop created by our in-house prop master Tim Wisseman.


Marth and Sergio Martinez of the Dancing Gauchos fame; loved visiting Hocus Pocus.

The Martinez’ were thrilled to find that Hocus Pocus was filled with so many phenomenal show-business props including several of Paco Miller’s stage illusions. Martha comes from a longtime show business family and her parents and grandparents worked with Paco Miller in South America. She took loads of pictures to send to her mom.

Death Trap REVISITED – a Hocus Pocus Exclusive

Finally, available again after a prolonged absence! Guaranteed to add suspense, drama and, most importantly applause!

A trick so thrilling that it NEVER gets boring to perform. An effect that consistently adds drama and suspense every time you perform it! That trick, is Death Trap Revisited!

Over the years, the Knife-Under-Cup (the magician’s version of the Russian Roulette) has emerged in a multitude of variations with everything from the standard sharp knife under cup, to spikes and eggs.


A number of years ago, when Hocus Pocus first released Death Trap, the original, it created a huge sensation throughout the magic community. Its popularity remains constant and it is without a doubt one of the best-selling products we’ve ever had the pleasure of offering. Unavailable for many years, with its rerelease, you now have an opportunity to own this newly-minted version by master craftsman Ray Lum.

EFFECT: A simple wooden plank with 5 wooden holders is displayed. Next, the performer brings out a gleaming dagger blade, which fits into any one of the five slots. A spectator is invited up, and while the performer has his back turned, FREELY chooses a slot in which to place the dagger, blade-up! The spectator covers all the slots with Styrofoam cups and immediately, the performer turns around and crushes all the cups except for ONE! And yes, you guessed it – the remaining cup is raised showing the blade-up dagger!

Death Trap Revisited is as close to 100% safe as humanly possible ensuring a worry-free performance; can be examined THOROUGHLY, before and after, and can be presented effectively anytime, anywhere!

Hocus Pocus Christmas Party

Today we will be celebrating our annual employee Christmas party with an gift exchange. Our group insists on the same food yearly, from one of the best Armenian restaurants in town, and it’s always a lot of fun, especially the gift exchange.


This week’s video is of Abbott and Costello, one of my all-time favorites comedy teams. My dad introduced them to me and I’ve been a fan ever since I first saw them on black-and-white television. I especially like this clip because I perform the comedy Passe Passe Bottle trick in my show. Enjoy.

Get out there and enjoy the lights and sights of the holidays.

As always, have a great weekend my friends.

More news later,




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