An Exciting Acquisition

I’ll say it again, “You just never know what’s gonna come through that door!” When we got in a Satyr Automaton by Collector’s Workshop I was astonished at its quality and how HEAVY it was. I’d seen it for years in the catalog , but never in person. And again, that Christmas morning thrill came over me.

A rare and wonderful effect with all the clockwork mechanics meticulously constructed by master craftsman Nick Ruggerio. In fact, after speaking to Nick Ruggerio on the phone the other day, I realized just HOW rare it really is as there were only FOUR ever produced!

One of FOUR ever produced!

One of FOUR ever produced!

Nick said if he had to do it all over again, he would be hard-pressed since the process was so highly detailed and time-consuming. In fact, all, and I do mean ALL, the inner clockwork mechanisms were individually and painstakingly handcrafted by Mr. Ruggerio ultimately producing this unique and uncommon automaton reminiscent of the Old World machines.

The Satyr Automaton literally launches the Tossed-Out Deck into the stratosphere; skyrocketing this classic street effect into a realm it’s never entered into before!

In 1878, Professor Hoffman described an eye-catching miracle. He spoke of a demon’s head, a “grotesque Papier-mâché head” that rolled its eyes and shot cards from its mouth and from behind its horns.

Of the few remaining Satyr heads in the world today, one resided within the Rich Block collection. Carefully removing the mask from the 125-year-old mechanical marvel, Collector’s Workshop  commissioned a foundry in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia to create a model of the mask and to cast a solid bronze replica.

The original details of the multi-colored face were reproduced in a more muted fashion through the application of a variety of patinas on the bronze. As you can see, the results were striking!

Many hours of hand-made clockworks went into the Satyr.

Many hours of hand-made clockworks went into the Satyr.

Utilizing a combination of finely wrought brass and clockwork mechanisms, Collector’s Workshop  created a modern automaton that hides within the replica of a century old devil’s face. The status of the piece as a collectors’ item is quite obvious.

It was specifically constructed to mystify in connection with this effect; a deck of cards is tossed to the audience. Four individuals peek at a card, toss the deck onward and then remain standing.

The deck of cards is placed fully inside the Satyr’s mouth. Suddenly, without warning , and without the performer having touched or even approached the Satyr head, the eyes roll, the mouth opens and spits out two cards. Next, two additional cards spring up between its horns.

Evidently as stunned as the audience, the performers says: “Those of you standing, who see your card displayed among the four before you, please be good enough to take your seat.”

All FOUR spectators immediately sit down. The impact upon any audience that’s lucky enough to witness this rare and dramatic effect is stunning!

The Satyr Automaton by Collector’s Workshop is a performer’s dream…and a family’s treasure.

Magic LIVE Is Just Around The Corner

We are really looking forward to another Magic LIVE!  This is the one convention that everyone gets excited about, including me.  In addition, to bringing some of our best collectible magic and new cutting-edge effects, we will have the pleasure of having Wayne Dobson in our booth.  Wayne is a brilliant showman, magician and entertainer.  I’ve wanted to meet Wayne in person for years. We’ve done business over the phone for years, but this will be our FIRST time meeting and interacting in person and I know we’ll have a lot of fun.

Also, we’ll have a number of other demonstrators in the booth as well, so if there’s something you want to  see, just stop by and we’ll be glad to show it to you.

If you are planning on attending Magic LIVE! Please drop us a line or be sure to stop by our booth and say hello. It’s always a pleasure meeting our customers in person.

Renee’s 30th

Betty and I will be babysitting my grandson Zachary for the next 3 days as my daughter Renee and her husband Jonathan have headed for the wilds of Las Vegas to celebrate her 30th birthday.

My lovely and wonderful daughter Renee!

My lovely and wonderful daughter Renee!

I can’t believe I have 30-year-old child, but it’s true. Seems only but a few short years ago she was still in her “Barbie” stage, collecting all things Barbie. Now, she has a child of her own and a career in a field she excels in. I’m so proud of my daughter Renee and all her accomplishments. It’s a true honor to be her father.

And it’s true. They really do grow up, SO fast. Happy Birthday Renee!

Make it a great weekend.

Until next time,



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  1. ken robinson Says:

    See you at Magic Live Paul and others. I know how you feel about your beautiful daughter as I have three of them and they to are lovely. Regards Ken R…

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